What is in a name? Brief answer. I was born Abdulai Tommy Sowa, but I love to be called C.T. Sowa (my real name) or “CT” for short. OK, enough of that “name changer.” I hail from Sierra Leone, West Africa. I travelled to the United States with less than two hundred dollars in my wallet, plus a big luggage full of books. In the luggage of my life, I carried passion for God, passion for ministry and compassion for humankind.

My conversion to the Christian faith when I was 17 years old is simply described as a supernatural encounter in a dream (long story for the scope of this brief autobiography) that changed my negative and uncreative attitude towards the Bible to a very deep sense of value for it as God’s relevant, inerrant and infallible Word (Romans 15:4)!

Called to preach at 18 years old, licensed as a minister at 20 years old, with eternity in view plus a great sense of urgency and importance for the salvation of souls, I have faithfully kept my hands on the plow all these years. Adequately sure about this call and without any delay, I started proving my ministry by embracing the pastorate in the late 90s, where I led a local church campus and performed a few roles and responsibilities such as, preaching and teaching for life change, vision casting, administration, supervision, providing spiritual oversight, direction setting, caring pastorally for members, motivating plus inspiring church members, problem solving, conflict resolution, conflict management and much, much more!

In the United States, prior to starting Way of Hope Global Ministries, God continued to open doors for ministry involvement in areas such as, preaching, teaching adult Sunday school, youth ministry, prison ministry, to mention but a few.

I am actively involved in helping people, challenging people to prayer, entrepreneurial formation and development of ministry organizations, writing articles and poems, promoting education, leadership development, influencing, problem solving and so on. Some of my interests include arts, travel, sports, cultures, mass media and world history.

The hand of God is on my life “for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry” (Nehemiah 2:18; Ephesians 4:12).  Surely, my divine mandate is to bring hope, redemption, and wholeness (spiritually, physically, mentally, financially, emotionally, etc.) to society through the inspirational and motivational communication of the Word.

In summary, my major activities include reaching the unreached, inspiring hope, ministering healing to the sick and hurting, forming faith communities, equipping transformational leaders globally and so forth.


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