Welcome to my blog, also known as C.T. Sowa Media (CTSM)!

I am the founder of Way of Hope Global Ministries (a ministry that focuses on evangelism, developing faith communities and equipping transformational leaders globally). As a communicator, my divine mandate is “To bring hope, transformation, and healing to the world through the inspirational and motivational communication of the Word.”

My communication pieces (via articles, books, TV and radio) include big topics such as, addressing human needs holistically, promoting education, problem solving, communicating the Gospel, evangelism, church planting, leadership development, mentorship, volunteerism, behavioral competencies in teams, truth, faith, hope, redemption, empowerment, wholeness, service, holiness, covenant, justice, excellence, love, prayer, spiritual gifts, entrepreneurial formation and development of organizations, extending the Kingdom of God in the world, prison ministry, local ministry, global ministry, revival and revivalism, theology and spirituality, and more.

C.T. Sowa media seeks to provide compelling commentary from C.T. Sowa, biblical truth from renowned teachers, news and current events, interviews, ministry updates and much more.

I will post on this blog regularly. My posts will be engaging, enriching and interesting. Stay connected and be richly blessed!

C.T. Sowa


2 thoughts on “Home

    • Hello Rev. Andrew, thank you for visiting, and much thanks for that generous comment. Blessings to you and your precious family for all you are doing in that part of His vineyard. Let’s keep in touch…. Peace!

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